First snow day and a list

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Living in a freezing cold, boring state people call Vermont does have some perks. That being snow days are a must for winter. It's crazy how much snow there is, I can't see my mailbox it's covered in that much snow. It's a little delayed but here it is: the first snow day of the 2006-2007 school year. Tomorrow is probably going to be another one, we're supposed to get more. Sweeeeeeet!!!!!!

Ruby had the awesome idea of a list for things that make us happy/like, so props go to her. Here's mine:
~Someone, somewhere is in love, and having an awesome valentines
~Pretty light blue eyes that make me smile every time I look into them, even though it's the middle of Spanish class, and I should be paying attention
~Blue eyed girl might be a lesbian (sadly, 3 years older than me)
~Basketball is finally over and lacrosse is starting
~Tegan and Sara blaring in my room while my parents yell at me to turn it down
~Calling my sister tonight after not calling since October
~Being able to watch movies on Youtube
~Starting not to sound like a boy in puberty anymore because my cold is getting better
~The sequel to Empress of the World is out in a couple months
~"I want you back" by The Jackson 5 (I may listen to hardcore music, but I'm not ashamed of the classics including Brittney Spears)
~Practicing drawing has made me better, maybe I'll be able to draw a stick figure that people can actually recognize as one someday
~Bush has finally acknowledged that Global Warming IS due to humans (he's an idiot)
~The Dixie Chicks won 5 Grammy's, even if conservatives call freedom of speech something the Dixie Chicks should be ashamed of for using
~Hope for World Peace is still alive


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OMG I'm so excited for the

OMG I'm so excited for the sequel to Empress of the World xP

Whatever I did, I didn't do it.

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I'm listening to Tegan and

I'm listening to Tegan and Sara right now :)

"What they don't know can't hurt them

but it sure as hell can hurt me"