Gay Dates 2007

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Hey all =]

I was wondering, could we compile a list of all the important queer dates of 2007?

Example- Pride Week, Day Of Silence etc?

I just figured it'd be a good idea.
And...I havn't got much of a clue myself, hehe.

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That's a great idea! But

That's a great idea!
But we'd have to include dates from around the world, not just america, cos people on here are from all over the place! I'd love to hear about things going on in England.

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We don't have much in england really. Still at least our govement gives us a bit more rights than you poor guys get

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Thats true

Yeah, I suppose we do have it better that way. I do find myself thanking my lucky stars several times a day that I don't live in america. I don't mean any offence to the american people on here. Its just you have a scary, scary government.
Still, it would be nice to hear of the few events and dates that do exist. Just to meet some different people!
Everyone my age within 20 miles of my house was or is at my school. And I know of 3 gay people form that whole area. Not even funny.

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Living in the U.S does suck.

Living in the U.S does suck. I hate how the government is becoming so untrustworthy, and not for the people, it's basically about what the representatives feel about a certain view based on their religion and not considering the people they represent. Bush is ruining our relationships with other countries and making us the world police. We have no business in Iraq, and Bush ruined Tony Blair's career because of it.Once I'm legal the first chance I get I'm moving out of here.

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Pride events vary based on city, so no real advantage to collecting them here. Best to look where you live and find out when it is.

MOST Pride events are around the end of June, to commemorate the Stonewall Riots. Although, some places avoid having their events on the same weekend, so that people can go to both. Los Angeles and San Francisco, for example, hold them on consecutive weekends.


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Day of Silence

The only one I know of is the Day of Silence (which I'm actually doing this year, cuz I actually have people to do it with). It's April 18th. I think that's pretty universal isn't it? Well, I know it's only supposed to be in the US, but the rest of us can participate can't we? I am.

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