Gazelles, Antelopes, and President Bush

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Friends parties can get interesting, especially if you're a lesbian/bi. In between talking with her mom about having sex with my friend Dan and discussing the difference between a gazelle and an antelope (by the way what is the difference?) we played the high school version of spin-the-bottle. I know, I know, spin-the-bottle the most overrated party game that shouldn't be played past eighth grade. But it's a lot of fun if you just change the rules a little, and allow same sex kissing. The difference between middle school and high school versions: no one gets grossed out at the idea of kissing a person of the same sex, it's all tongue not a quick peck on the cheek, with there being one guy, one lesbian, two bisexuals girls, two straight girls with one parent being gay for each it's interesting. Very interesting. And so funny because they're your close friends. My friend Dan did a blog about it it's hilarious I shall quote "That's when I realized that spin the bottle is a lot of fun when you're the only guy present". I love Dan he is the sweetest kid I have ever know, and he is really cute. I also cut off part of his hair for fun last night.

Bad thing about birthday parties though is you always eat badly and feel crappy about it the next day, or you lose all the strength in your body due to lack of sleep.

I may listen to hardcore music, but I can admit that some pop music is great and has a strong message. Today I was angrier than normal at Bush, so I thought I would put this on here:


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I LOVE THAT SONG!!!!! argh

I LOVE THAT SONG!!!!! argh dear mr. president!!!!!!!! It's always on my playlist. i'm gunna make a journal entry about it thanks for the inspirtation