Gideon Glick makes the talk show rounds...

Gideon Glick, who came out in Oasis a little while back, hit the talk show circuit this week with the cast of Spring Awakening.

On Wednesday night, they hit Letterman to sing "The Bitch Of Living" (Gideon is the one who sings "See them showering at gym class"):

On Thursday morning, hey showed up on The View to Sing "Touch Me" (Gideon is the third person to sing, actually singing "Touch Me, Just like that...")



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I liked "Touch Me". Amazing performance & talented cast. It reminded me of the song "How shall i see you" in the opening scene of "CAMP". An ensemble of all kids/teens is really cool.

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YES! I thought that same thing.

It really does remind me of the beginning of Camp-"How Shall I See You Through My Tears."

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Aah! What? They changed the

Aah! What? They changed the lyrics to the beginning of Touch Me!! At least, I think they did... zomfgwtfgrr.... But, a gazillion yays for Spring Awakening. I went to a tech rehearsal with a friend with connnn-ect-ionnnnsss! And I shook Jonathan Groff's hand! Squee! And when I saw it, I sat one act in the orch. and one on stage (again, through my friend with connections.... ^^) But, yeah, awesome show.

Life is short: make fun of it.

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You have no idea how much I love this's a theatre geek thing but I feel like I found the next West Side Story before anyone else. I can't wait until I can get to New York to see it (I'm in Oregon). They're all SO talented and I'm kind of in love with Lea Michelle.