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Hi Everyone!

It's deadline day for your GLM project pieces so I thought I'd post a reminder. Remember that it is up to you to mail me your finished pieces at or, if that doesn't work for you, to Don't forget to provide your Oasis name, as we can't publish it under your true name for legal reasons. REMEMBER: POSTING THE PIECE ON THE FORUM DOES NOT COUNT AS A SUBMISSION. I've said this a number of times, but I want to remind you yet again. I will not pull your piece from the forum. What we will do is send private messages to all those who have not emailed us their pieces by the end of today.

If you need more time, don't worry. We will give you a grace period to finish up and send in your work. This may be a week. It may be two weeks. It may be longer. I will post an announcement when the project is finally closed to further submissions.

Of the dozen or so submissions I have so far, I've gotten absolutely no ARTWORK. Do you really want a book with no artwork in it? If not, then I hope some of you visual artists out there will get busy and whip something up to submit to us. If there are already people working on art, great, but we can always use more.

Thanks everyone for your participation. I will be distributing the work I have so far to the editors this evening, so you should hear from them soon. If you have any questions, private me, post them here or email them to one of the above addresses.

Take care!

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And if you don't we beat you

And if you don't we beat you with a 2-by-4!!!

Whatever I did, I didn't do it.

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Thanks, Whatever. Once again

Thanks, Whatever. Once again I forgot that part. What would I do without you? :-)

- Pat Nelson Childs
"bringing strong gay
characters to Sci-Fi & Fantasy"

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Without me? You'd use a lot

Without me? You'd use a lot less antiseptic and never have to buy ice packs.

Whatever I did, I didn't do it.

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Oh, I'll submitt artwork! I

Oh, I'll submitt artwork! I just need batteries! ^.^

~May the spirits guide your every assure you please her in all the right places XD