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At the new school I'm going to they have a GSA and I really would like to join it. But of course I'm not out and even though it's a Gay STRAIGHT Alliance, people always suspect when you join. So should I join for the opportunity of coming out and being in it or not join because of the risks of bashing because there seems to be a lot around here? Im so confused :~*

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Personally i have never been involved in a GSA. My highschool had one, but at that point i was way too closeted to partake in those activities. I recently accepted who i am, came out, and went to a LGBT youth group a few times, but it was in no way affiliated with school. Like with anything else in life, there are pros and cons to participating in a GSA.

-You can meet a lot of queer people and make new friends
-You can be a part of activism and events and stuff that help to spread messages about accaptance for LGBT ppl, fight homophobia, etc.

-It can raise people's awareness that you are gay. This might not necessarily be a bad thing, because being open about it/not hiding it sends the message that being gay is a "normal" thing and you're not some crazy monsterfreak. BUT since you say there is "a lot" of gay-bashing in your town, you really need to take that into consideration. I dont know how it feels to be in Texas and what the nature of your community is... but if you have even the tiniest sense that there is a risk to your physical safety, then maybe joining the GSA is not the best choice for you right now. You really have to do what you feel is right... nobody else can make that choice for you. If you dont join the GSA, it doesn't mean that you are a coward or anything, it just means that you dont want to take a chance on getting verbally bashed/physically assaulted/beaten/raped just for being gay because the people in your town are homophobic assholes. Ultimately you have to look out for yourself and take care of your well-being, cuz nobody else is gonna take care of you. There are a lot of ways to be an activist about LGBT rights without being in a GSA. You can see if your town has any LGBT youth groups that meet privately. You can come out to a few trusted friends first, and then see how that goes and if you want to join the GSA and come out to kids you dont know. Even just being on Oasis is a big step, cuz at least you can admit to yourself that you are gay and you can work on your self-confidence, connect with others, and work on un-learning the internal shame about sexuality that most of us are raised with... anyway this turned into a whole long thing, but good luck with whatever you do! :o)

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Well, I say you should check it out. Go at least once and if you like it, keep going. I personally wasn't real impressed with our GSA.

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Do they react that way because of who we are or because of your personality?
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If you're concerned about

If you're concerned about your safety, I dunno, think hard about it. Otherwise, I would really say join. GSA's can be a powerful force for change, and it sounds like your school needs it. Register at with the Gay, lesbian, &straight education network and contact your regional student organizer for help getting the GSA to change things at your school. Or try contacting the president, and maybe you can get together with some people outside of school where it's less suspicious. Good luck!!!! I really hope eventually you can join and make friends. Things WILL improve at your school! I've seen so much change in my area through GSA's doing Day of Silence and making demands of the BOE.