Happy valentines day all!

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We got a foot of snow for Valentines day this year! :o (Which means no chocolate from my dad because he has to plow his way out first. XD)

My mom lied to my grandma on my Dads side about what happened the day she left... Which made my dad really upset even though my grandma didn't believe her. Because of the whole lying bit... And then I fought with My mom over the phone... Again... JOY. >_<

But, in other news, we picked up our copy of Wii Play at the store yesterday. It came with a free Wii-mote! =D It's very fun. *nod*

And I played Tennis on the Wii with my dad. People are much more fun to play against than computers. *nod*

And there's this convention in a couple days. Which will be awesome because my best friend will be there. :D And then we can go on in long discussions about things like dreams and random stuff like always. =D

She's the only person so far that I know IRL who I've told about Sora an I. *nod* I'm amazed that she doesn't get like bored or something... Boy crazy girls drive me nuts. So wouldn't my being Sora crazy be annoying too? XD

We collect these plush dragons that they sell at the conventions. And we make bags for them and stuff. It's fun. :)

Speaking of which, I'm going to go work on the bag now..


EDIT: *hops on bandwagon*

Things that make me happy:
-Seeing Sora
-The Stars
-Video games
-Dark Chocolate
-Being with my friends
-Knowing that I can a billion stupid mistakes and my friends will still love me anyways.
-The things I've collected over my years scattered about my room. Each one having it's own story.
-Being alive
-Knowing that I don't have to be serious and boring to be an adult.
-Knowing that If I study hard enough, I can do anything.
-Taking photos of Flowers.
-Photo manipulating those pictures.
-Getting comments on my art
-Being on stage
...Even if I'm busy making a fool of myself.
-Making people laugh
-Having the worlds best dad. =D
-Seriously... He's THE BEST! Ever since... Forever.
-Hanging out with my little sister. (Which unfortunately doesn't happen very often anymore. :( )
-When my cat jumps up on my lap. (Except for when I'm drawing. XD)
-Designing random stuff for The Sims 2. (Because that game rawks. :D )
-And a LOT of other things too. :)