HELPPP sydneyyy.

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Okay sooo.
I really need some help.
Because the Sydney Mardi Gras parade is coming up.

And I'M GOING :D :D :D

Yeah. So it's my first time going and I've never been to a gay event and I'm going with some of my friends.
I reaaally want to dress up all rainbow. I really. Really. Love rainbow.
But there's no store in my town (just south of sydney) with a store that stocks rainbow or pride stuff. Not even a bookstore :O

So I'm planning on trekking up to Sydney this coming weekend to find me some rainbow gear.
One problem.
Sydney's a big place.
And I'm clueless =]

So I was wondering if you guys knew of any actual Pride stores or anything of the like in Sydney?

Thanksss lots =]
Hugs all round ^_^

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Hey! I'm going to the Sydney

Hey! I'm going to the Sydney Mardi Gras too!! YAY!!!

But I'm not even in Australia yet, so I can't really help you out with where to get the rainbow gear, but you would think if there was a pride store anywhere, there would be one on Oxford street since thats the main gay strip in the city.