Holy Moly

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MY GOD! The last week has been one hell of a roller coaster ride...So my gf and I broke up and then I went out with a boy and then we broke up and then my gf and I got back together and the boy and I broke up and then my gf and I broke up and then the boy and I went out again and then my gf and I got back together. 7 cool points to anybody who can follow that. So who am I dating now? Very good question. The boy...and the girl. Yes, I know. Confusing. Who knows how long this will last. I hate hurting anybody, but there really is no middle ground here. So for now, it's working. I was grounded for 7 days, but that turned out to only be 4 days. And I was grounded for that extreme measure of time for...Not doing the dishes. I kid you not. I thought it was bull shit. But still, I missed Oasis SO BADLY. So now, I am happily connected to my computer again and am currently enjoying the Da Vinci Code while drinking mint tea...It's very soothing. Hmmm, lets see...I've been talking a lot to...lostinthisworld. She's a pretty cool kid...As I call somebody 2 years younger than me a kid...Oh well. I really like the DaVinci Code. I resisted for almost 4 years to read that book and now I'm finally giving in thanks to the boy...OH MY GOD. I AM TURNING INTO MY EVIL QUASI-EX-GIRLFRIEND. She refers to people that she doesn't want to name in their gender pronoun. Holy Shit. This is frightening. I hate her. And the feeling is mutual. I'm counting days until I go see Nickleback, Breaking Benjamin and Three Days Grace in Tacoma...So excited. And I'm still working on my GLM entry. Too many ideas.



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The big question: Does the bf know about the gf, and v/v?


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the girl knows about the

the girl knows about the boy. but not the other way around. I'm terrible, I know.