I LOVE the rain!!!

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I was having a bit of a bum day yesterday.
Stress from tests and jelousy at all the happy couples.

But today, it is pouring rain.
I just love the rain, and I always have. The sound of it. The feel of it. How the cold wet air clings to my face and hair.

I think the most beautiful sound in the world is the sound of falling rain.
The sound of it falling off of roofs, trees, ubmrellas.

Being outside in the rain, I don't need anything else. I am complete.


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I totaly and completely agree with you. The rain is absolutely amazing. It's the one thing that always makes me feel 20x better. I also really like snow but not as much as rain i get excited when it rains and i go and run outside and everyones like ugh its soo horrible outside. I'm like Wtf are you taling about it's amazing.


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Rain = <3

Rain = <3

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You want something better? I have snow and it meant school was cancelled! Woooh!

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