I make big farts.

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I'm listening to this guy named Yann Tiersen right now. Anybody heard of him? He's a French contemporary classical composer. The music's pretty grand...very French [duh]. I recommend!

Things are okey doke with me, lads and lassies. I went from supercrazyawesome two weeks ago to effinkillmefoo last week and now I'm just fine...relishing my free time before next week, when tennis season starts at my school. I'm excited, but at the same time cringing at the huge restrictions on my free time. Meh...whatevs.

My perspective on love has evolved once again these past few weeks. Instead of spending time thinking about how I don't have a boyfriend and pining over boys that don't even exist, I'm just going to let it drop. My new phrase is, "There's no rush." I've realized that it's just detrimental to be thinking so much about what if's. I'm a teenager, so let me enjoy my freedom, damn it.

You know the statistic that says about 1 in 10 people are GLBT? Well, you do now. Does anybody else think about all the closeted gay people right in front of your eyes when you're walking through a crowded hallway? It's so weird. There are gay people all around us, but most of them might as well be straight since they're not out. It's sad that so many of us need support from gay friends but have barely any/none when there are others like us right beneath our noses. What a fucked up world! I wish I knew how to say that in French, for some reason. Probably zie tunes. Au revoir! ;-)


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Hey dude

Glad you are feeling good again.I like your new philosphy(I probably spelt that wrong)on love. Hey I often think about that 1 in 10 thing too.When I'm in class and very bored I sometime look around trying to figure out who else is gay.Kind of crazy when you think about it!

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I too am glad that you're

I too am glad that you're doing well and adopting a healthy "dude 'tude". lol. I can't quite connect the title of your entry with the entry itself. I'm sure it's something way over my head.

Rock on, lil bro. I'm proud of ya.

- Pat Nelson Childs
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oh man...

reading ghosts comment really made me laugh.... i do the same thing all the time... my school has so many kids that are sooo obvious but they totally try to play hetero... the best is when the butch girls try and date guys... so awkward!!!!