I went out with a bang

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Tonight was the last time I can ever perform in a certain acting class ever again. The class is for 10 to 12-year-olds, and since I just turned 13, I can't perform in it any more. In the class you practice a play, and then you perform it for your family and friends on the last day of class. Today was my last day, and I have to say, I did great in the performance. I'm not just bragging; about six random people who I barely know told me that I did well in the show. I feel really good. :)

The instructor for my class invited me to become a teacher's assistant. Teenagers who are 13 and up can help teach classes at this theater organization. It's purely volunteer work, so I won't get paid, but who cares? I love that theater. I've been taking classes there since I was 7 years old, and I certainly don't feel like stopping now.

On a different subject, I've thought of a solution to my girlfriend problem. Lately I've been seriously wanting a girlfriend, but I have no one who I like that's willing to go out with me, too. I've thought of an answer to my problem: I've invented a girlfriend. Whenever I'm bored in class, I pretend that I'm making out with her. She's mostly only good for fantasies, and her appearance constantly changes, but what the heck. She serves her purpose. :D I can't really talk to or go on dates with my imaginary girl, but she'll do until I can find a real one.

I'm staying up way too late. I'd better get to bed before I pass out in front of the computer.