if only she'd see that she could get do soooo much better than him....

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well this was what happened yesterday;

my bestfriend Lei called me up asking if we were still going out to go take my pics on monday and i told her yes...then she hangs up. ??? i was confused for awhile but then she called me back and it was her boyfriend on her phone, he said something but i couldn't really hear it and i heard her in the background telling me not to listen and stuff and it hangs up again.

well he calls me back and tells me that i can't call her anymore and that she'll call me when he tells her that she can...WTF??...and hangs up. omg was i pissed...idk but i fucking started to cry too. it's like...ok i used to have feelings for her (she knew about it) but its gone and we're just really good friends and i'm all cool with that...it just irritated the shit outta me that some guy could think that he can get between me and my friend...and SHE DIDN"T EVEN DO SHIT ABOUT IT. i remember a time that she told me that no one would get between her and her friends...and what is this?

maybe some people remember this from my old posts...but this is only her first boyfriend and they're already thinking of marrying each other. god they've broken up and made up so much time that its stupid...it's all because of him and who is always there hearing her cry and shit...ME.

i'm sick and tired of all of this already...especially with my other friend Kris and her boyfriend, they always want me to listen and help them with their problems...but nobody fucking listens to me with what i have to say and i give up already...from this day forward, i'm just gonna listen but i'm not gonna put any of my two-cents or opinion in. i'm fucking tired of this. everyone underestimates me and what i have to say...

i was texting my friend when i was at work too and i told her that lei is going to call me back and apologize...low and behold...she called me back to apologize, saying that he was angry at her and was acting stupid...she's always fucking defending him...and it's always her fault...i swear the guy is a fucking asshole. *sigh* i can't deal with any of this anymore...she asked if we were still going monday and i wanted to tell her no and do it by myself, but deep down inside...i can't do that to her, as much as i'm pissed at her (or anyone) i can never...never just break things off or stay mad at them...(i blame my dad for this) but she is one of my friends...fuck one of my bestfriends...imma always be there for her, no matter how much it kills me inside.


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AW, you're such a dedicated

AW, you're such a dedicated friend. I hope Lei comes to her senses about the guy.

~May the spirits guide your every move...to assure you please her in all the right places XD