I'm not speaking in third person.

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Okay... Everybody is gone now... *sigh of relief* I'm exhausted. Or just really really tired.

My cousins just came over and Sora and her sister, Namine slept over twice over vacation. Sora is a little different latley... Either because she was around my cousins and her sister or maybe she's just different.. But I don't like it...

Tommy gave Sora a late Christmas present, that was a necklace. Now if I give Sora her present I'll seem even more pathetic. D:

I'm sending her an e-mail.. It's a really dumb idea, it's making me crazy. It's sort of blunt. It just says that I feel weird asking, but asks if she's still my girlfriend, states that I love her. And asks her to answer honestly.

I'm kind of scared that she'll say "no".

But if she does at least I'll know to give up on her. And that's a good thing right?



I'm beginning to strongly dislike my older cousin. He's very strong, and very big. And he acts like a perverted three year old. And he spends most of his time annoying me for the sake of annoying me. >_<

But I feel better now too. Sora said today that she still wants to move into my house. XD (She decided that a while ago. But it surprised me when she randomly still wants too today.)

I really want to have a one on one chat with Sora. But at this rate it'll be a while... Figures.

And the local pizza place is awesome! We bought a no-cheese pizza for me, (vegan) and it had tons of extra vegetables! =D

And BTW, how long has Mountain Dew been yellow? I could have sworn that it used to be clear. XD

Later taters,


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Well done for having the

Well done for having the courage to be direct, it's the only sensible thing to do- I hope you get the answer you want.

The only time I've had Mountain Dew I was half way down a mountain in India. It was horrible- the drink, not the mountain.

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It's a lot easier, in the

It's a lot easier, in the long run, to know for sure. I'm not saying it'll be easy now.

And I think mountain dew has always been yellow.

Whatever I did, I didn't do it.