Jack and Taylah

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Hey to everyone who's started reading this.
I started back at work after a holiday during Christmas vacation, and when I got back a new guy had started there. His name is Jack, and as soon as we met eachother we just got along so well. We have so much in common, he is so sweet, smart and he makes me laugh like nothing else! We hang out heaps, and he comes into see me at work even when he's NOT working, and just on his way to college, just say hi to me. When we're together we flirt heaps and we're pretty touchy with eachother... we play fight, but it's just an excuse to touch and hold eachother.

My problem is is that I was actually only planning on staying in Sydney for a few weeks and then move back to Queensland, back to all my friends. But I realize that I have very strong feelings for Jack and I told him last Thursday night how I felt about him.
He told me that he feels the same way about me, but just didnt say anything. He told me he doesn't think we can be together because of the timing. He's still studying and very busy with things. While he was telling me this, I could see his face and he looked so sad, like he wanted to just tell me he loved me but he couldn't, I could tell he does want to be with me and it was really killing him to say this.

He wants to be boyfriends with me, but now just isn't the right time for us. He knows that I was planning to go away again, and told me that he would miss me; "the most". So what do I do? Do I go back to Queensland and try and start a new life after I'v met and made such a great friend, and possible boyfriend? Or do I stay here in Sydney, and just stay friends with him and be able to hang out like we do, and wait for the right moment?

Gosh I know this must sound so confusing to read and understand. But I would love some advice from you guys!
Thanks heaps,