Jeez, gimme a friggin' break!

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I love the way I always get asked 'soo... Your best friend... are you into her?' IDIOTS!? NO I'M NOT! I mean... I fell for my old best friend, and that is just simply something you learn from, and never do again! (on purpouse anyway?) Then, this new girl has started, and she's... well... georgeus, but she's just so easy talking to, and we get on really well, and 2 secs later (Into her?) NOOO! I'm talking with her, NOT FLIRTING! I mean, if she was gay,, I would, but she's straight, so why bother trying?

Yes, I know that many (myself included) are in love with, or has fallen for a best friend, or just a friend. BUt when I say : I'm not into anyone at the moment, they just start 'well,, if she wasn't your best friend, would you sleep with her?' -ARGH! I don't know, she IS my best friend, so I don't know? Maybe, I can just see myself going 'yeah, I'd bang her... Everywhere, anytime' and smirk knowingly, and they'd just run to her and start telling her I was madly in love with her, and wanted to sleep with her... What is it they don't get?

-And becuse a girl is pretty and we get along, I don't nessicarily keep having to fight the 'overwhelming urge' to kiss her? Maybe... I just want to have friends? Girl friends. Who I don't want to date... Is that really so wrong of me? Even if I'm gay? Is that really so hard to understand that currently, Ijust have friends who are nothing more, and nothing less.?

Would I like a girlfrind? Sure, but I don't constantly scout for my furure ex iin the crowd? :S


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"yeah I'd bang her",that expression made me smile.I'm sorry I wish I had some advice to offer,I guess some people are just dumb!

No one can make you feel inferior without your consent-Eleanor Roosevelt

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love it

I heard a little saying that seems to work for people who aren't used to being around out GLBT people on a daily basis.

1) Don't assume I am attracted to you.
2) Don't assume I am not attracted to you.

If they can figure that out, then there shouldn't be any problems.

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fer sure

"when you ASSUME, u make an ASS out of U and ME"
lame, but it is tru. i hate hate HATE when straits assume that just cuz i like girls, i like allllll girls. or when a strait chick is like, "don't hit on me! tee-hee!" i'm like "honey, dont flatter urself..." Stupid people. :-(
if theres one thing u are gonna learn in life... it's that sometimes people are STUPID.

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i know what you

i know what you people think that me and my best friend are going out just because we hang out with each other a's like "uh so?" i agree with everyone else...people are just stupid like sucks how people just like to ( as Ruby said ASSUME lol) i thought that was funnie in a way haha. but yeah...

"i am who i am, so don't judge me for being myself"