just got asked out...I think

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okay, this hasn't ever happened to me

I was just walking along and this girl who looks sort-of familiar saw me passing from a long way off. I gave her a cheery hello and she remarked that she was suprised that we live in the same dorm living area, and then she gave me her room number! She also said I should come by some time!

is she really asking me out?
she can't be serious...

I would be elated but I was so suprised by what she said that I completely forgot the number.
(argh!!!! hitting my head in frustration!)


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AAAHH! You forgot!? Aw man,

AAAHH! You forgot!? Aw man, that sux when that sorta thing happens. ask her for it next time you see her, I guess, eh?

Guys are pretty confusing, and apparently drooling over them doesn't really break the ice...

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awww that would suck so

awww that would suck so bad,sorry. If you ever see her again explain the situation and give her your room number instead.

so very close to what you had expected
it makes it hard to keep my head up level
tell me I'm what your hands were made for
tell me I'm who your mouth was made for