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Okay, well well well. Sorry about the title I have a tendency to put random things up there when I can't think of anything. So umm... this just a little update.

School's started and things are okay, I don't like my new teachers but I have to put up with them and they have to put up with me too (makes it fair). My close friends (which are mostly girls) are all in different classes and in classes so getting to know new people is going to be something I have to do. I've gona rank my fav to least subjects.

English, Science, Maths, History, Japanese, PE, Economics.

Okay, so English is cool coz the teacher is cool. She's real awesome and the way she speaks you just want to listen to her. Thomas and Courtney is in this class sitting beside and behind me I guess it's not that bad I can have someone to talk to.

Science is alright except there are a few people I just don't like they act all too popular and gangster etc. Morgan's in this class though, she's a good friend really nice so I guess she'll stick up for me if 'stuff' happens.

I'll skip Maths, everyone knows why.

History I know a few people except sometimes it's hard to carry on conversations with them (ever get that)? My humour is VERY different and only my close friends get it lol so um I just kind of JI with these people =\

Japanese I've got my close friends Raro and Elles except we can't talk in class which is annoying. And the teacher is reaaallly hard on us. :(

Economics is just plain whorey. I hate it I don't get anything in it and the guy who sits beside me talks about sports all the time I don't have a frickin clue what he's on about.

PE should be last I think. Blah blah blah, I just hate getting mocked in it (well I don't usually get mocked, but wait for swimming season to come).


Okay, now on other things... I wrote parts of my GLM stories today because all my friend's had to cancel out on going to city when it's a frickin public holiday. Then I got all depressed and stayed at home doing nothing all day. Yesterday I cried myself to sleep for reasons I don't even know... it makes me feel better though usually I can't cry. So that's that. I still have a bunch of homework to do... hmm and one thing is I don't really have CLOSE CLOSE friends... like they are close friends but none of them are best friends.

And hmm, this guy called faisal told me he really likes me today. Well I don't feel the same way but I did promise him a KFC date a few weeks ago. So, well I'll see how all that turns out. I usually have a tendency to ignore people who like me but I don't like them that way (I know that is really mean and stupid but I can't help it, I find it very awkward... It's already happened so many times...) Tyler, Victor, Arthur, Yvonne, Christine and blah now Faisal... why am I such a dick to people? Okay, this time I'm going to talk to him, let him down nicely and make sure things go right. I don't even know if I like anyone at all right now, I've never been in a relationship but I gave up so many chances. I don't even know why maybe I'm scared and sometimes depressed, don't like commitment and too picky. Ah well... ok that's it I'm going to sleep I'm seeing my last year's english teacher tomorrow she's really nice I want to talk to her about some of these things. Kk bwaiz peoplez.


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Well school doesn't sound too bad. And yeah it is best to talk to him, but h its not really dicky to not talk to him

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