Love is a Garden

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[Happy valentine's day! Let's all hope for someone to think fondly of while reading this...]

I’m positive that sunlight fuels
The technology of your smile
And the engines beneath your eyes;
How else could they reflect
So finely the dreams of God?
Every release of your dew drop
Eyelids [like nervous ocean waves]
Is the solstice of my season—
A leap second on the breeze;
And each time our sights align,
Gravity cries a little
And the shadows light a little,
While we sublime a little.
Will you grow with me
Our little little
To make a big big?
And nurse that you and me
To become a w-e?


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aww, that's such a sweet

aww, that's such a sweet poem~! It made me a little nostalgic, but that's just 'cause I'm single. Wow, it's really nice, though. Great job. ^.^

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