Love Until Death

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wow...haha i was checking my email and like many other scam poetry sites, they said they wanted to publish my poem and stuffies lol. i totally forgot about this poem. It sorta clashes with the whole Valentines Day thingy haha...i guess this can kinda go with the idea that..."if you love someone, tell them"...especially on V-DAY :)

Love Until Death.

I stood there awaiting those words
those words i felt for you,
but did you feel it too?

You looked like you were going to choke
like the words were stuck in your throat
I watched you struggle to say the words,
but i guess you couldn't say them

So i left holding back tears that wanted to flow,
but i didn't let them go.
I left with my heart beating furiously,
aching anxiously to be loved,
wondering if stopping would help the pain be forgotten.

Beating stopped,
Dead to the world,
Dreams being destroyed,
Coffins being lowered into the earth
The heart of a lover crying out from the cold depths of the afterlife.

Love ones never hearing,
the distant crys of an aching soul
Now an old lover wished he had said,
those words he felt, but now it was too late.