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I posted this picture elsewhere, but I wanted to put it in my journal as well. This is my best friend Raja. He is twelve years old. I got him from the humane society in Florida when he was two and we have been inseparable ever since. I like this picture of him because he looks thoughtful and intelligent in it, which he most definitely is. He always knows when I am sick and comes and stick right close so he can keep watch over me until I get well. When I almost died a few years ago from pneumonia, he stayed by me almost all the time, day and night, until I recovered. He's the best bud a guy could ever want and I love him like crazy.

Do you have a picture of your best friend (the animal variety I mean)? I'd like to see.


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I like

I like him, hes a really cool cat

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Here's a slideshow of my

Here's a slideshow of my baby! He is 4 1/2 months old i got him a month ago. His name is Danzzo (first) Neiko-Shock (Middle name) Armstrong (last name).

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So cute.

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