My Crushes mom yells at me, the day before my b-day!!??

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Idk wat to think, or feel, but its jus hurts to much to think bout it but i think it stop, the pain, when i steped inside myself dealt with it, now it only feels like a little burn, when before it was killin me. let me tell you wat happened.

On friday i went to the movie for my b-day, it was actaully on sat my b day, and well i had asked my crush all week to go and she was able to go. when i get there she calls me and i asks if she can could come with me inside the mall becuz i was eaten, she sed no, i asked becuz ur mom, she sed yea, then ryce my friend sed something funny and i busted up lolin....well i go out there with her and she gets her ticket, i say hi she says my mom heard out convosations.....and u laugh...i didnt understand and i sed so wat, there was nothing bad, then she sed she thought u were lolin at her for not being able to come in and that wasnt true at all...well i started to freak out alittle inside becuz i dont want her mom to hate me and i jus gotten on good terms with her......well i watch the movie and then at the end i leave to go to the bathroom, when i get to the bathroom i find 604 dolllars mostly in checks, i got to return the movie at the ticket buying place and then i turn the money in then i get 75 for returnin it.......well i turn around to see my friend mom car and i think i need to talk to her but then i chicken out then i look back and say i need to face this so i went and open the car door and sed i think we need to talk, and she sed yea we do...i sit down in the car and all hell breaks loose....she was accusing me of lying sayin i was tryin to get her daughter to do bad things and that i probably wasnt coming to the movie to watch a movie..then i tried to explain wat the entire night was and she says i was making excuses, now most of my friends sed i should of gotten out of the car when she started thinkin i was lying but my parents taught me that that would be disrespectful so i didnt well then the movies donr and my friend come to the car i get out cuz i dont want her to hear my convosation with her mom, i in her opion slamed the car door but i know i didnt...well i walk towards my friends acting like everythings ok but the ryce sees my face and knows something wrong, i see thats she knows and turn and leave and started crying but i didnt want to deal with talkin to them so i ran to a private place, so im walking and then i hear them sayin there she is i take of running and lead then on a scaverger hunt they called it but then they caught me and i told them wat happened...while starting to cry again......welll by the end of the night my friends have me all cheered up and im cool, well then the next day my friend who mom yelled at me didnt calll to say happy b-day, and it hurt bad. So i want to know why am im feeling bad bout this, why am im afraid? but with me my answers never get answered.


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No offense, but is the way

No offense, but is the way you're typing a joke? You busted up "lolin"?

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