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I sent this e-mail to Sora. You know, that girl that I've been talking about for like, almost a year now. The one I admitted my feelings too back in November. The one who said she likes me back, and who used to be really cuddly to me but is now sort of distant, the one who I used to be able to practically read the mind of, and is a total mystery to me now.

Yeah, I sent her an e-mail where I asked her if she still likes me. I've just been.. You know, freaking out over what her reply will be. Since I've got no idea... And I'm a little scared.. And really anxious.

And since she like, doesn't get very much time on the computer (Big family.), at all. I probably won't get a reply until the weekend.

I'm trying to distract myself with reading...

But it's not helping much.

Wish me luck and all...



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Good luck!!! I hope

Good luck!!! I hope everything turns out ok!!!
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good luck!

Good luck!

I decided to take a peek in the closet.
What a suprise to find myself hiding inside!

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*hugs* make sure you update

*hugs* make sure you update us as soon as you hear, because we're all on the edge of our seats to hear the next part of your soap-opera saga xD just kidding. Best of luck to you! *'nother hug*

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awwww ....good luck!! "i am

awwww ....good luck!!

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