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so my friend Bonnie had her birthday party yesterday. it was ten of us crammed into her basement type floor area, because her house has a lot of levels. i wanted to sleep on the couch, and so did Hilde. (ex) it ended up with everyone else on the floor and me and Hilde on this teeny tiny couch that is only made for one person to sleep on, with a very heavy blanket. we started sweating, it was gross. (we werent DOING anything!) just, maybe snuggling like we used to. um, it kinda got carried away when everyone else was alseep, but it was just like a bit more than snuggling. (just a bit) so we started talking about it, and she says 'are we, ya know, thing again?' and i was like 'no' and then she said something like 'this isnt fair.' like, to me about what she was doing if that makes sense. we decided to go up to Bonnies loft, above her mommys room because it was too hot and sweaty. once up there, we talked for a little about stuff. and it was like we're not back together, i just missed snuggling too much. and so we were cool. i guess.


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Just have to be sure to manage feelings/expectations like that, so that you're both on the same page and OK with everything...


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Who doesn't love

Who doesn't love snuggling?
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