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i realized that every single friday me and my friends go over to the same guy's house and watch him and his friends play halo. but usually maddie's there and so as long as i can sit next to her it's fine. last nite we actually switched it up a bit and after we went to the guy's house we went to another girl's house (these ppl are all friends of ours were not just raiding random ppl's houses) and maddie actually seemed kind of like she wanted to hang out with me more than everyone else. she was always trying to sit next to me, and we played capture the flag she wanted me to be on her team, and she was like running around and jumping up and down (she so hyper all the time its so CUTE!!!) and she wanted me to run around with her, and then one of the guys (steven, actually, from my GLM story) was like, you look like dancing monkeys, and then we started dancing around like monkeys. and later she had an ipod on and she was listening to fergalicious and dancing around and she was so hot dancing like that. she seemed like she actually wanted to hang out with me more than everyone else, but i think it was in a friendly way, but still.

on a random note, ive decided to get all my hair dyed pink and the underside dyed turquoise so that wen its in a ponytail, the back will be turqiouse. teehee. the poeple at school will think i am more of a freak than they already do. yay!


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Dying your hair so other

Dying your hair so other people think your a freak is always a good idea!!! I had my hair blue and then purple and then half blue half red for awhile. And then at a robotics competition we put this spray in dye and it was BRIGHT orange and we put like sabre paws (cuz we are teh sabres) and stripes and such. ITS FUN

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Sorry, couldn't resist. :-D

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pink hair on girls's picture

yeah . . .half the poeple at

yeah . . .half the poeple at my school(the rich popular ones) think i am a freak because i dressed somewhat like an 80's whore in 6th grade, and then there were a couple of parties in 7th grade(thats all im gonna say) and then im the only one in the school who insults them to their faces and hates all of them. they think im a whore, i think. teehee. i find it all funny. pink hair will make them think i am even more of a freak and a whore. yay!
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