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hi just thought i'd say hi! there's a big essay due next monday so i doubt i'll be posting anymore this weekend...but it's possible. today was really fun because i went to a party thrown by a teacher and good friend of mine. Actually, I occasionally teach his class...a remarkable opportunity for a high school senior that i surely will never be able to thank him for enough. So the party was kinda a dinner/slideshow about the his school's (my old school's) principal's last trip to Mali. So that was pretty good, but what was amazing was that I got to talk to former students, parents, and other teachers that I haven't seen or talked to in the longest time. Anyways I just wanted to get that out! OH and P.S. anyone who lives in Western Washington should go to the Brent Hartinger reading of the play adaption of his bood "Geography Club" on Feb 12 at the Tacoma Actor's Guild!!!! It's supposed to be great!!! I really hope I can convince the rest of my GSA to come with me! I'm pretty tired...and really worried about this guy I really like who I haven't talked to in 2 days, and who last time I talked to him had a temperature of 104 that had spiked earlier that day to 107. Soooo yeah i'm stressed because of the essay, worried because i love him, and tired because i'm just always tired. So i bid you all adieu. If you comment great, if not whatever, it's not like anyone does anymore. Caio


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Essays suck monkey balls,I hate writing them.And I hope the guy you like gets better soon.

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:flicks hyacinthus: the part

:flicks hyacinthus: the part about commenting isn't true.

luck on the essay, and i'm astronomicaly jealous that your going to see brent. tell him that i love him ;)

hugs, luck, and peace

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Oh yeah

I should be writing an essay at the moment. They sure are fun. Nice to see you around again and everything man

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tag is doing an adaption?!?

that makes me so stinking excited!! i will totally be there if it's on the 12th... i'm assuming it's at the broadway center?? and what time?? thanks so much!!! :)