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I haven't really commented lately bc of school related things, but I got an e-mail and decided to vent about it (lucky you!).
In gov't class we were assigned to write a letter on a topic that is important to you to either a rep. or a senator, depending on what issues you wanted to address. I decided to tackle the issue of gay marriage and how it would benefit our community greatly if we allowed it in PA. That was kinda brave for me, I mean it's an issue that's very close to my heart and makes me rather emotional (hopefully I'm not just crazy?).
After working really hard on it and researching making references etc and trying to make it look really professional I wanted to send it to Senator-elect Bob Casey (I live in PA) because I figured that I would be better heard by him. My teacher decided I needed to send it to a Senator who was already sworn in so it was pretty much Arlen Spector aka major dickhead.
I was reluctant to send it and even thought of starting from scratch with a new issue, but eventually I sent it. A week later I got back an automated e-mail and it said thankyou for your concern, blah blah blah, Senator Spector is a very busy man... UMMM what? Isn't this the man we pay taxes for to support his salary so he'll listen to us? But apparently dear senator Spector is just to busy to deal with reading and replying to the public's concerns.
Several months later to my suprise I got a response. I figured it would be something that beat around the bush trying not to disagree, but not agreeing in order to keep my vote or w.e (like he's ever gonna get my vote... HA!), but I actually got a truthful opinion. Arlen Spector was kind enough to tell me how he agrees with me that marriage is a sacred thing to be kept between a man and a woman. Okay... First off... I was arguing for gay marriage, incase you didn't notice, asshole. Second, you were doing soooo much better with your little automated reply e-mail. This newer version just proves how much you care about your voters: NOT AT ALL.
And after I spent all that time on it?! Just to get a response that clearly shows that his secretary must have just sent out a standard e-mail having to do with his views with "Ms. ________" inserted, or something to that effect.
GOD! What an ass hat!
Sorry. I was just absolutely shocked... The least he could do is have a secretary read it and reply with a hint that someone bothered to read my opinion.

Lesson: Do not vote for Arlen Spector... For anyting... EVER.


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I'm so sick of the US

I'm so sick of the US government, every representative is fake.

so very close to what you had expected
it makes it hard to keep my head up level
tell me I'm what your hands were made for
tell me I'm who your mouth was made for