Project Extension!!!

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lol. yup my teacher let us have an extension until Tuesday...YAY!!

well it's not that much time's sunday and i'm working on my paper lol. soooooo procastinating. it also doesn't help that i have really mean cramps right now :(

i'm going to go into the heart of Oahu...Waikiki. (if all that's never been to Hawaii, this is where everything is...the bars, clubs, beaches, etc) i'm gonna finally go take my pictures lol...i'm gonna go to Hulas (gay bar) and see if i can get some pics of some guys ;) and then hopefully i can find The Gay Center and see if i can get some pics there too.

i'm hoping that everything goes well because i haven't been having any good days so far (i'll write it in another post).

but ...oh yeah...the purpose of this post was to give an update and a lil "cry of help" haha... i'll put in what i have so far of my paper and please tell me if its ok?/??

i'm gonna try and start another draft...more professional-ish i guess lol...i feel stupid right now thats why...

but here it is;
What is Homosexuality? Most say that it’s when people are attracted to the same sex, or others may just see it as a “curable” disease, which is it? Well it all depends on what you think. I, someone who supports and is part of the LGBTQ community, think that it’s YOUR choice on what or who you think you are, if you’re straight then your straight i’m not going to tell you different, but if your gay then more power to you. I just think that people put too much thought into labels that they forget that we are just…people.

Homosexuality has been around for ages dating back to the Renaissance era, but back then it wasn’t as much as a big deal as it is now. People of all ages, ranging from teens to adults all suffer from discrimination concerning their sexual orientation, but teens usually get the shorter end of the stick because adults especially parents say that our teenage years is for experimenting and that even though we say that we are a certain way, we are still too young to understand.

That is where most people get us teens wrong, yes we are experimenting and exploring different things, but we know what we are talking about when we say that we are gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender, etc. We aren’t just sitting down one day and deciding that “Oh i’m gay today”, we actually think about it and search for the reason why certain things are going on and go through the situation in our head before we actually agree that, that is who we are.

When people think of gay people, what normally goes through your mind? Seeing flamboyant men and masculine women walking around with rainbow accessories? Or do you actually see ordinary man that could be your father, brother, or friend, a woman that could very well be your mother, sister, and a friend? Homosexuals are people too, they all lead lives that “normal” people do, it’s just that these “normal” people cast homosexuals out more than anything just like blacks, Asians, etc.

I’ve asked a few teens some questions on different issues concerning their sexuality, here are their answers:

* When asked if they came out to anyone and what reaction they got, here is what they said;

“Yes I have. Some friends were very homophobic when I met them, and now turned down a marriage proposal because they didn’t want to get married in a system that doesn’t allow gays to marry. But I’ve also lost a few friends when coming out to them.”

“My mom was pissed, she hoped it was ‘just a stage’ and I would start dating guys again. I explained that might never happen, and tried to express that I had always liked girls and being with a female just feels right to me”

* For those that are still “in the closet”, I asked how does it feel not being out?

“It’s stuffy, irritating, and stress-inducing”

“It feels like a hell that I cannot escape, it is an unnecessary burden and I would rather live without it”

* What are the most common misconceptions about LGBTQ?

“That we are all pedophiles when we grow up, that we hit on anyone of the gender we’re interested in”

“Everything, I personally think that very few queer kids today fit any of the old stereotypical views that people have. I, for one, know nothing about fashion, don’t act feminine. I am simply an ordinary guy”
...not done, as you can see lol.