Prom Dresses :)

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....blah those are the only ones i liked...the first one my auntie said looked a bit slutty and the second one...too much clevage :(


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Lol. Getting a good view of

Lol. Getting a good view of your boobs there? (2nd pic)

Anyway, to the point....

AHHHHHHHHHHHHH! (Scream of joy, by the way) It's so cute! You're so cute! I like the black dress. I really don't think the black one is slutty. It seems as if the second one is since it shows SO much cleavage :P The darker one works with your darker skin tone and hair. The greenish one stands out too much from your body, but the black one blends in just right.

But *shrugs* what do I know? I've been arrested so many times by the fashion police that I'm on America's Most Wanted :P

~May the spirits guide your every assure you please her in all the right places XD

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Hey I realize you may feel

Hey I realize you may feel uncomfortable about the cleavage on the green dress but you look hot in it. I mean you could always get a shall or a sweater not a sweater sweater but something to dreape over you.

I don't think the green one looks slutty at all. I have to admit the blue looks a little awkward on you. I don't know but the green one is so good on you and so many girls here would agree. I also think the green makes you look slimer whatever please don't listen to people listen to yourself people give bad advice alot.

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Um i think you look HOTT!!

Um i think you look HOTT!! In both. I really like the black one but the green one makes more sense for prom because the black one loks like it could be hard to dance in cuz it's tighter so go for teh green one. That and i like clevage so. But if the black one is easy to move in go for teh black . I dunno i like both.

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*blushes* THANKS :) i kinda

*blushes* THANKS :) i kinda liked the black one but i was also thinking of the dancing and it would've been a bit uncomfortable 'cause it is tighter...but i need to go looking some more anyways lol.

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I must agree with

I must agree with Toph.
Black one looks fantastic. I don't think it's slutty at all.
And like everyone else has said, you are pretty hot.


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*blushes*...again lol.

*blushes*...again lol. THANKS :)
you're not that bad looking yourself if thats you in the icon ;)...oOo i love that was so cute!!

"i am who i am, so don't judge me for being myself"

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Cleavage is good. Don't smother the girls!


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