Rainbow shoelaces

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I went to the craft store yesterday, and finally ended up buying a candle making set. Sora loves candles... =3 But I didn't get a candle holder because I'm stupid and the canlde making supplies were on the oppisite side of the store from the candle supplies... Figures. So I can make the candles but I can't burn them for very long... Oh wells..

Now I have the difficult bit of figuring out what color I should make them and stuff. But I'll worry about that stuff after I make the first few.

Actually, now that I've got the stuff, I kind of want to make her a hand rolled candle too, but I don't have the wick. D: So I'll buy some of those while I'm at the store too.

I have anime club today so we'll go to the craft store afterwards.

... I want rainbow shoelaces... Mabye I could color my current ones with permanent markers.. :)

bye byes for now.


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rainbow laces

sound very pretty!

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Rainbow Shoelaces

I have some and they look amazing with converse. Go for it.

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I bought some tiedye shoelaces from a couple of hippies at Hempfest. :) They produce pretty much the same effect, so if you can't find anything and don't go through with the markers, that works too!