Riku is speaking in third person...

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Riku has this awful habit of not being as blatantly honest as she wishes she'd be.

Riku isn't saying that she's like, a lair or anything. But when it comes to Sora words tend to randomly decide to hide behind whatever is nearby.

Riku decided that she wants some sort of rainbow earring. Riku also decided that she's only going to wear one earring at a time most of the time from now on because her left ear has this tendency to be disagreeable and get infected.

Riku is also a little sad because when she was busy getting sick all over the hotel bathroom (See previous journal entry) she forgot her favorite scarf. Her friend EJ has it but she lives somewheres like, hours away.

Riku also wishes that she had a rainbow scarf. Because rainbows are the most awesome things in existence since forever. (Riku has loved rainbows for as long as she can remember.)

Don't ask Riku why she's speaking in third person. She honestly doesn't know. But she thinks it's fun anyways.

Riku wishes that she had the self confidence to just tell Sora what's on her mind for once.

Riku wishes that Sora's sister (Namine) would stop being the cuddly one.

Riku told Sora over the phone today that Riku doesn't really care if Sora comes over today or not. (Because Riku is total apathy when she's sick.)

That was a total lie. (Which Riku is currently regretting right now. Because Sora decided to let Riku nap. But Riku hasn't been able to sleep anyways.) Riku just didn't want to make Sora sick with a cold too. Or bore Sora to death. But Riku really, really wants to see Sora.

Not that that's new news or anything.

Riku has really bad judgment skills when she's sick.

Sora has been acting really motherly to Riku because Riku is sick. Telling Riku to bundle up, and eat well, and that sort of thing.

Riku thinks it's really cute.

Riku really needs to talk to Sora about some things.

Riku is 103% sure that Sora still likes her back. But Sora and Riku are both too shy to bring it up.

Riku is sort of wondering why it isn't blatantly obvious that Sora and Riku like each other. Riku and Sora have been acting like girlfriends since before they actually WERE girlfriends.

Which Riku also thinks is really cute.

Riku still has Sora's December-holiday (Any holiday during December when presents are exchanged.) present because Riku's too shy/ nervous to give it to Sora. (Which is awful pathetic of Riku.)

Riku wonders if it'd be possible to stop being so pathetic for once.


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Mikki wishes Riku the best of luck and that she feels better.
Mikki also says that everything will get better for Riku but it might take a little bit of time.
Mikki also thinks that taling in the third person is fun
She does it all the time
So again, Mikki wishes Riku the best of luck saying that everything will turn out right in the end. Riku just has to wait for the end...
"Randomness is happiness"- said by...ME

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Toph actually enjoyed

Toph actually enjoyed reading Riku's journal in the 3rd person
Toph think's it's cute
Toph also enjoys the third person because it just feels right
Toph thinks it's cute that Riku still has Sora's present
Toph thinks maybe you should drop it off in Sora's mailbox or under Sora's pillow
Toph is jealous of Riku's wonderful relationship
Toph is also happy about Riku's wonderful relationship
Toph wishes Riku the best of luck

~May the spirits guide your every move...to assure you please her in all the right places XD

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We think that Riku should surprise Sora by leaving the present where Sora is bound to find it.

3 wheels are better than 4!

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