Roses, Bronze Bangles, and Kites

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The girl that I love
Wears a rose on her ivory neck
That hides from all eyes except mine

I would kiss it
The day she flips my pendant round,
Touching my collarbone.
"I'm kind of OCD about pendants," she said. "Sorry."
"It's OK," I smiled. I came out to her ten minutes later,
spouting out like a teapot, not the way I want to
but the way I usually
come out to straight girls.

The girl that I love also
Has brown frizzy hair with golden rays of sunlight
When she stands by the window.
She wears bronze bracelets that bangle when she reaches up--

I would touch them, but
Her arms are so beautiful and she would laugh like a
Triangle ringing
And hug me and say it was

The girl that I love
Wears a ripple of skirt like a kite flying away,
Heart bumping along and unraveling as she twirls and twirls
her back and feet away.


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ThaThat is an awesome poem. I love the rythm of it, as well as how you described things--spouting like a teapot, bronze bracelets bangle.

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:) you're back!

yay! thanks about the poem, too.

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Me likes! Very cute. One thing, though...the first stanza is kind of out of rhythm, but I'm sure it won't be hard to fix.

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