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Okay so school's started and all... we get so much homework this year... and I have so much commitment like volleyball (which I'll probably drop =\), debating, science national brain challenge, piano and extra tutoring this term I just can't manage enough time to do the things I love. I can't get home from tutoring without having to do my homework at least until 9 or even 10 and then have a half-hearted conversation with my friend on the phone because I'm all busy and depressed.

Valentines was lonely agen. We had athletics on the same day and my best female friend at school completely ditched me. I went and hung out with Daniel and French but I find it awkward talking to them at times. Ellie invited me to hang out with her (she's always very inclusive) and her mates but because I'm all depressed for some reason lately I'm avoiding socialising with my best friends. Then I find that I'm disconnecting away from them or that I fell they don't like me as much and I get all depressed agen.

Okay I realised how much the top bit didn't make sense at all but oh well. I wonder if I'll feel better. Another day to fight through tomorrow. Gona go now. Bye. I also rejected that gay guy who liked me. I feel kinda like a dick but oh well don't blame me because I need to stop feeling guilty for everything I do or I'll never feel better.


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And I never have the time to

And I never have the time to write and finish my GLM writings.. grrr.

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You sound kind of like how I've been in high school, especially when I was questioning during my sophomore year. I've always been insanely busy and sometimes depressed, and during sophomore year I completely cut myself off from my friends. It was bad. Don't do that. And drop some stuff! Do the things you love!

No one has a right to sit down and feel hopeless; there is too much work to do.--Dorothy Day