She drives me INSANE!!--- Confusing stuff ahead beware

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Ok so i just wrote the below part and it make's no sense so i'm gunna sum it up for you all up here and then you can read below
Brit n Heather = X's
Brit n Me= Best friends
Heather n Me= Best Friends
I feel like brit just talks to me to feel closer to heather because i'm so much like heather.
I have a crush on Britney.
I'm no britney's type.

Argh so my best friend Brit drives me absolutely INSANE!! She broke up with her girldfriend one of my other best friends Heather like 3 or 4 months ago now. But she's having the hardest time getting over her. And because i remind her so much of her Ex. and i can understand because i'm a lesbian and it's just easier for me to udnerstand what's going on then one of her other friends she talks to me. Anytime she's missing Heather (her X) she talks to me. Basically about everything having to do with her wanting to hook up with this other girl or hook back up with Heather. I love that she tells me these things ut it drives me insane because i feel like she's using me. Only when she is having relationship problems does she talk to me. Like at school and online its hey, sup etc. But nothing really.
It just frusterates me because i'm always wondering if she like's me (as a friend) or doesn't and if she's just using me. I don't want to end our talking because i would miss her like crazy i just want her in my life.
I also may have a tiny crush on her. I lie about it every chance i get saying i used to have a crush on her when i first met her but don't any more. And i just don't want to have a crush on her anymore. I know it could never wokr out between us to because i'm not her type and shee's not attracted to me.

So now i'm just confused and none of that ^^^ makes any sense because i'm just so confused about it and don't know what to say about anything.