She thinks I'm cute

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*does happy dance* flirting with a girl is so much fun, especially when they're a junior, and a lesbian, and gorgeous, and funny, and sweet, and...I could go on for a long time.

We were talking while she was "at the nurse's office" and I did one of my stupid looks when I don't get something but am to shy to say anything and she said I was cute. Ahhh she is amazing!!!!

I must have a lot of luck because I saw her on my way back to my locker, an d well I ended up giving her my phone number so we could chill over vacation, and she told me to stop over at her work later.

Just so happened that I needed some gum (*cough,cough* it all suddenly disappeared), I ended up bagging one of the customers groceries while we were talking. She told me that she had just came out to her friends about being a lesbian(she had told them that she was bisexual). It was really hard to hold back my laughter because this middle-aged lady looked shocked when Meghan said it.Good times. I may be really stupid when it comes to people flirting with me, but I think I have a really good chance with this girl, her flirting is obvious.


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Squee! Yayyyyy!!! Go you!

Squee! Yayyyyy!!! Go you! *huggle* (Aah, if only I knew how to flirt.... :( )

Life is short: make fun of it.