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Taste the rainbow. =D

I hate posting twice in one day, makes me feel like I'm spamming. But this is importannnntt.. XD

Soo.. I went to anime club..

Apparently, there was this girl, going to the club, that I knew in Elementary school. And I was like one of her only friends. Which was cool. (She was like, my only real friend too. The other kids sort of liked me, but not really. They had this tendency to ditch me at random.)

What's even cooler, is she's just as crazy and hyper as I am. (if not more so.) and she's also gay. =D

Then she asked me if I thought that she might be/become gay. And I said "no, I didn't even know what that was back then." XD Then she told me when she sort of figured it out. And went on blabbing about randomness. XD

But it's a little weird, we were both picked on a lot in school. And now we're both gay anime otaku. XD Well, we're actually really different too. She's louder than me.. And bigger than me. And she's not only out of the closet, she's waay out. I'm not saying butch-type or something. She just talks about it like it's no big deal.. Well it isn't a big deal but I'm more shy about it...

But then I'm more shy about everything. *laughs*

She was complaining because I was like, the only one there who also knew what Loveless was. Except the other person... And she was dressed as Ritsuka, and I can't go as Soubi unless I stood on a chair because I'm like, 3 inches shorter than her. XD

She has a girlfriend, who I don't know anything about except for her existance. And, she says that she would have remembered me if I still had that "afro" thing. (my hair is really curly. I didn't take care of it when I was little so it sort of went up into the air in all directions. XD)

I don't know, but this is extremley cool. And plus, I'm happy because I have a friend who's gay now. Now I have someone to blab about my girlfriend too! XD =D

Oh! Doctor Who is on! Byes!



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Aw! That's awsome! I wish I

Aw! That's awsome! I wish I could go to an anime club and meet gay girls, or anyone gay in that matter. It'd be cool to have gay friends :)

"What they don't know can't hurt them

but it sure as hell can hurt me"