Snickers' "kiss" ad pulled after charges it's anti-gay

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Here's why gay pride is important, so that crap like this isn't allowed to go unchallenged.

I'm pleased that there was an outcry and that Mars pulled the ad. That's a sign of progress. However, the fact that it got produced in the first place shows you how deep-rooted and widespread the ignorance and bigotry still is.

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I acutally got a kick out of

I acutally got a kick out of that commercial... I mean, it's like, two straight dudes would do that if they accidentally kissed...

I dunno. It made me chuckle...

Whatever I did, I didn't do it.

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i agree...

I thought it was really funny actually... i didn't find it offensive at all..

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i thought it was funny too.

i thought it was funny too. i was really surprised that it was even out there in the first place.

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I thought it was pretty

I thought it was pretty funny and not the least bit offensive.

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I thought it was pretty

I thought it was pretty funny and not the least bit offensive.

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I think more of the outcry was over the website content, where they had football players watch the ad, and they made offensive comments about it.


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I dunno, I think something

I dunno, I think something like that might give closed-minded people the wrong idea about gays.

I've never seen the ad myself.. No TV. But it sounds like it wasn't so bad. But still.

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lol i just saw that ad on

lol i just saw that ad on youtube... wtf LMAO

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I didn't think it was that bad. I suppose the footballers comments wern't right, but still, its not exactly the worst example of bigotry I could think of

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I guess what bothers me most

I guess what bothers me most is that the sight of two men kissing is still so disgusting to most people. I found the commercial very funny too when I first saw it, but then afterwards I was like, "isn't it sad that this is considered still so funny?". I can't help but be bothered by the fact that something I consider to be so beautiful and natural is so gross and sickening in the eyes of most people out there.

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True that is a shame but kinda understandable. I don't know about you but I find straight sex pretty eww, the idea of sex with a woman does gross me out a bit (no offence). And I dare say I would find the idea of kissing a woman disgusting had I not seen that image so many hundreds of times in my life. So I understand why they find it disgusting.
But there's no need for them to go on about it, I agree

"Sexual intercourse began in nineteen sixty-three (which was rather too late for me)"

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I find heterosexual sex pretty disgusting too... Guys are just... not for me. :p

I know there's "black sheep," but what about rainbow ones?

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it wasn't the add, it was the response

Okay, last superbowl was the first time I ever tried to watch the game.
I say tried because I couldn't take any more after the first quarter.
It wasn't just that add, and it wasn't just the jockular responses all the guys at the party responded with when they saw it, it was the whole accumulation of the game.
Most of the adds were sexist or crass in some way, and on their own they weren't THAT bad.
But watching them in a room with a bunch of really overly excited football guys with beer was more than I could take.

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I thought the commercial was

I thought the commercial was funny but, I had to suppress my laughter because my whole family went into rants of how this is just proof of how immoral the US has gotten...thank god we live in SF...I just have to stand outside to be free from that stuff.

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I dunno, I actually felt it

I dunno, I actually felt it was funny because I thought it was specifically parodying homophobia, rather than being like, "OH GROSS MEN KISSING!!!" It was just, the two guys are heavy-set, hairy, and mechanics to boot, like, the epitome of stereotypical "manliness" in America. It's obvious that they kiss by accident, and the funny thing is their gross overreaction. I mean, how homophobic, and more importantly, how MORONIC would you have to be to rip off a HUGE CHUNK of your chest hair just because you accidentally kissed another man over a Snickers bar?

My impression was that the commercial was ridiculing the whole, "BE MANLY!" mentality that so many people have. I'm sure I could be wrong. But I found it funny just because it showed to what lengths people are willing to be absolutely stupid in order to make completely sure that EVERYONE they ever come into contact with never doubts their heterosexuality. As if people need to walk around and actively prove it by ripping off their chest hair and smashing beer cans on their heads.

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So snickers make straight

So snickers make straight men kiss? Is that the connotation coming from the ad? I don't get it how it's promoting the product to the general public

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maybe it has something to do

maybe it has something to do with all the nuts...just kidding...okay that may have been offensive, but my Tourette's addled mind find it too fucking funny.

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Because it's a memorable

Because it's a memorable add, and it's funny. If people remember the add, chances are many will remember the product.

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Related comic...

Someone posted this in their journal, and I thought it was pretty funny.


EDIT: Don't know how to get the picture to work, follow the link.

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Erm... okay?

Honestly I didn't find anything striking about this ad... I mean it wasn't really funny. It's more of elementary school humor than anything... Well at least it is in my opinion.
It was prolly as emotion/thought provoking as comcast's "save cabbage" or "unbelievably fast" commercials. Just kinda corny... and old.

The reactions (the ones I've seen so far) have really pissed me off.
Fuck them. My only consolation is that they made total asses out of themselves on a highly frequented site. I'm sure in the future the human race will look back on this as a dark truth of our past. I hope they become educated enough to be ashamed of themselves.
And the people who actually posted it on the site? What poor taste, honestly.

I know there's "black sheep," but what about rainbow ones?

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By "them" I'm refering to the footballers... Just in case that gets misconstrued...

I know there's "black sheep," but what about rainbow ones?

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If gay organizations hadn't

If gay organizations hadn't made a big deal out of this.... IT WOULDN'T BE A BIG DEAL!

This is just another example of gay organizations blowing things completely out of proportion. If we can't take a joke like every other minority on earth then we'll never be taken seriously.

- One Nation, Under Darkness

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i just thought it was

i just thought it was amusing because in my opinion they were mocking homophobia.

you had these two idiots accidentally kiss and considered it to be un-manly, so they rip out their chest hair?

we're laughing at their stupidity, not the kissing part...

at least i was, and i know my dad and sisters were. i was kind of like "oh lord" when they kissed....

maybe it's just me...

"Yes! No! Oh, damn!"

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I'll post this one more time and then I'll just let people continue to post replies to what DIDN'T occur.

The ads were pulled primarily because of the Snickers web site content where more offensive alternate endings were available to watch and footballers had negative, homophobic things to say about the commercial. It was not sue to the commercial itself.

Here's the release put out by GLAAD, which includes:

"(The site) shows alternate endings for the ad – among them, a version called “Wrench” where, instead of ripping out their own chest hair, one man grabs a wrench and uses it to bash the other, who responds by slamming the hood of the car down on his head. Mars is asking visitors to vote on this and three other endings – including the one aired on the Super Bowl telecast – to determine which version will air during the Fox broadcast of the Daytona 500 on Sunday, Feb. 18."

"The site also shows five NFL players, two from the Indianapolis Colts and three from the Chicago Bears, reacting to the several versions of the ad. The players’ reactions range from general amusement (Bears quarterback Rex Grossman and Colts wide receiver Marvin Harrison) to non-verbal disgust (Bears wide receiver Muhsin Muhammad) to overt expressions of prejudice (Bears tight end Desmond Clark and Colts linebacker Cato June)."

Ok, I guess you can continue replying now as though the ad was pulled because two guys kissed, but that isn't true.


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I'd go gay for snickers

I did not find it homophobic at all. I found it to be bad advertising. If I was at mars why would i put an add with two men kissing and then ripping out their chest hair? how would this help sell snickers? As for being homophobic, well I agree with NovaCat, I dont think it was really "EW TWO MEN KISSING" but showing the "manly man" afraid of any affection wih another man. And being "gay" is not why the ad was pulled like Jeff said.

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pretty funny...

i thought the video was pretty funni but i am mad bout the offensive comments from the players....i think the players instead of the company should have gotten in troublel.....the company cant help wat anyone says, all they were trin to do is well since thery so much anti gay, they were trin to include us in commercials....but they did it all

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I thought the add was really offensive. I didn't like the implied notion of being gay is so bad that you have to rip out your chest hairs if you kiss someone of the same sex. It was one of the many things that made me want to change my sexuality (needless to say I failed). I didn't want to be considered part of a group that was portrayed in such a disgusting way. Maybe I'm just being too sensitive, but still, I found the add really offensive and not at all funny.

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I don't know about you but

I don't know about you but if I kissed someone of the opposite sex I might just be tempted to rip out my chest hair and then wash my mouth out with Listerine.

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