Speech Before Thought

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He wears a smile for icon, not emotion.
His mind is throbbing from the toxic stare.
His parents love him, though not without condition.
“If only”, they cry, yet they speak not a word.
Not a word…

It all gets back through a web,
Entwined by word of mouth.
It’s better than advertising
It’s gossip and hate,
Spreading faster than wildfire
In the dry arid lands.
It’s spreading such fire
With the flick of a tongue.

The kids say, “Hey faggot, got Jesus?”
I said, “Maybe, do you?”
“Of course, fucking faggot.”
If hell’s overdue
Shake me and bake me
Or boil me in stew.
This hell beams away, over,
The enemy’s in view.

Touchy? You know it.
Resentful? At best.
My only thought brewing
Is what of this test?
So many questions unanswered
By all but one who may know.
This one may not exist,
Or its face it won’t show.

So rumor me, if you must,
I’m already the school faggot.
It’s such a mighty nice pillar,
The impurity in a tower’s agate.
We’ll set aside this lore for eighteen years
And see what the world is made of.
Perhaps the world will see not gender
In care, or the lack thereof.


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*keels over from

*keels over from joy.*




"Yes! No! Oh, damn!"

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Yeah baby!

good stuff man.
I like the "Got Jesus?" It reminds me of those "Got Milk?" ads...

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Funny story behind that. In

Funny story behind that.

In study hall, some jock guys left a note on my desk that said, "Got Jesus?" and it had a picture of a cow on it. I'm not sure whether they were calling me fat or suggesting that they're Hindu, but either way it made me laugh... which pissed them off.

- One Nation, Under Darkness