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Well, I woke up with a better attitude today. Since I can't change the fact that I have to pay this money back before I can leave Maine, I'm just going to focus on the things that I can do while I'm here. Last night I thought of a whole new Firma novel, which I actually can't tackle for awhile since I've promised to write a lesbian series after this trilogy. Still, I'll get the ideas on my trusty computer so they'll be there when I'm ready. I also took a couple days off from book two, but now I'm ready to get back to work.

On the publicity seeking front, I sent copies of OQ to Whoopi Goldberg, to The Advocate and to two online gay bookstores today. I'm running really low on promo copies, so I'm picking and choosing my recipients very carefully now. Let's hope I strike paydirt with one of these.

It's a sunny day and a new week. Yes it still sucks to be in Maine, but hey, I've got my books to write, my trusty cat Raja and all my fantabulous peeps out there to lift my spirits and keep me busy. Life could really be a heck of a lot worse.



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Glad you are feeling a bit better:]

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I read your last journal entry though I didn't get a chance to comment on it- I'm glad you're feeling better. I'm also glad that it seems you'll be writing novels forever, with all those ideas you've got. It's a funny coincidence, though, because I want to live in Seattle, and if I recall correctly you once lived in my city. Is it much cold in Maine?

I totally think you should post pics of your cat. Everyone should post pics of their cat. I mean, if I had a cat, I'd do it. (My brother's allergic.)

About the whole promoting-your-book thing... did you send a copy to Oprah or Margaret Cho? I mean, come on. Oprah. Also, there's this really cool gay blog called JoeMyGod that you might want to check out. I don't know what he does for a living, but a hella people read his blog and he's an excellent writer.

I love your optimism. It's really a nice thing to see in the world, and there isn't enough of it.

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Actually I did send one to

Actually I did send one to Oprah the other day. I haven't sent one to Cho yet, but it's a good idea. Thanks! :-D

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Maine isn't that bad...

Maine isn't that bad... hahah keep me updated if you ever do book signings
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