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*sigh* deep breath in and...out.

ah today was a...(idk what to describe it)...kind of day. I guess that when your day doesn't start off good that...it somewhat means the rest of the day is like that right?

Well...it started off...as irritating because i was stuck putting away the food from last night (that anyone else could've done) and washing the loads of dishes (i do dishes about 3 to 4 times a day)...i don't really complain about the dishes 'cause i'm so used to doing it that i do it in less than 10 minutes even if it is a big pile. i just think that sometimes...they can wash their own.

So...that was after i woke up and before i took a shower and then waiting for the bus wasn't too bad until i got on the bus...i don't mind when people are squished up next to me (only when we have to triple on seats) but if it's only me and another person they could at least move down...damn 'cause this intermediate girl sat next to me and she was like super duper close to me and there was still room on the chair. i love to look around and stuff (ADD like that lol) and i swear if i turned fully to my right my face would be like...really really close to hers thats why i stayed looking at the window. And her arm...my god...was like practically resting on my thigh...ok if it was any other girl i wouldn't have minded lol but she's really irritating and rude. so it was uncomfortable.

Hmmmm...what else...what else to vent about...(thinking). So i got to school...nothing really much happened, just caught up on some stuff with my friends especially 'bout the part where my friends tells me that her and her bf made a year (he actually called her...'cause he barely called her their other anniversaries) and blah blah how he told her 'bout his coworker and how she was acting towards him (my friend gets really jealous and i think he know that and loves to do this to her especiallt 'cause the fact that they don't see each other often ''cause he grad)....ah yeah and anything else she told me would bore you 'cause it bore me lol.

I got my result of my chemistry exam...it was a 0...a big fat ZERO!!...why? well because i put the wrong form number, he told us to put the right one like, a lot of times before we took the exam but...i tend to faze out so...yeah i ended up putting the test copy number which was 14 (the form numbers are only 1, 2, & 3) so i automatically got a zero...YAY me. He told me to come back at lunch and when i went her told me that he was gonna correct it and i guess change it 'cause right now...i'm practically failing that class with a 58.6% :(

Ah...okie so i got happy 'cause of that and then i got hyper....so it was alright after, except when i realized that one) i work today, two) my ex was going to pick up the money for the bill, three) i have my storyboard & outline due tomorrow, and last but not least four) i had a kanji quiz that i totally forgot about...YAY me again.

Ok...i took my quiz...guess what i got...4/30...how sad :(
i felt so hopeless after that...well we ended up going to the mall after school to get some job applications 'cause i need a new job (i think i'm getting jipped some money)...then me and my two friends were hanging out at work (today was a slow day barely any customers)...they left...which left me more bored and irritated 'cause i was waiting for my exes friend to come pick up the money (she decided to text me saying he was gonna pick it up)...idk why but i felt so...weird after and when he came, got the money and left...i was just blah...i wanted to cry.

*sigh* deep breath in and...out

I can't handle a lot of stuff anymore...i lost like 5 more pounds (i checked this morning...damn i check every morning but it kinda scared me) so all in all i've lost 10 pounds in...about a 2 to 3 week period. I've started getting really bad migraines now...i barely get 'um except for today...

Well...idk...i'm not gonna go sleep until late tonight...it's 9:30 now and i still have to finish my outline and my storyboard...and also research some more...if anyone wants to talk..or whatever imma be up!


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i think a 58.6% is failing...lol. just one of those days.

Mental wounds not healing, driving me insane, i'm goin' off the rails on a crazy train- the ozzman

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lol yeah it is...but i'm

lol yeah it is...but i'm hoping that i can at least get up to a D...

"i am who i am, so don't judge me for being myself"

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u should be able to...good luck w/ that

Mental wounds not healing, driving me insane, i'm goin' off the rails on a crazy train- the ozzman