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To Whom It May Concern:

Hello. My name is Tracy Eiswert and I am the President of an ETSU student organization. ETSU College has a strong student organization dedicated to providing political, educational, and support outlets to Gay, Lesbian, Bi sexual, Transgendered students, staff, and faculty on campus and in the campus community. Rainbow Alliance's primary objective is to promote the understanding, equality, and affirmation of the Gay, Lesbian, Bi sexual, Transgendered (GLBT) community.

As, you are well aware, the need for this type of organization is great and with your help we hope to ensure the equality for the Gay, Lesbian, Bi sexual, Transgendered (GLBT) communities through education, communication, and political activism/advocacy.

We plan to host a Drag Show fundraiser on Wednesday, March 21, 2007 to raise money for future political, educational, and supportive events and operational expenses. We have a huge room on Campus reserved on this date and we plan on selling raffle tickets for items purchased and/or donated from companies within our community. If you would be so kind as to donate either items to raffle, a gift card to be used to purchase items, or volunteer your time; we will place your companies name in our advertisement for co-sponsor.

I want you to know that the Rainbow Alliance needs your help and financial support, however small. Your help will benefit all of us in our efforts for Equality.


Tracy Eiswert, Bachelor of Social Work
President of Rainbow Alliance

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Good luck with the show, but nothing Oasis can do for you in this regard.


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