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i got a days suspension at school.
have to do it tomorrow. thankfully in internal suspension.
but the reason.. well. it sort of involves a fire extinguisher.
so i. meaning. my parents.
have to pay for a replacement.
which is $68.

suspension im not too worried about.

my parents are complete nuts.

i'm betting on...
5 month grounding.
no mobile phone.
no mardi gras (aka my friends 16th birthday party)
no fall out boy concert.
no easter show.
rediculously limited internet/computer use.
limited tv (dont really like it anyway)
no trust.
household tension for about two weeks. at least.

so not looking forward to when they get home.
which is about half an hour.
save mee =[


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I'm sorry dude. It'll be okay. This too shall pass. In the meantime, get yourself some books. Good luck. *Hugs*

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K so uh, I guess I'll be the

K so uh, I guess I'll be the first to ask, . . What the heck were you doing with a fire extinguisher?! I'm guessing there must be some kind of rational explanation/ story behind this, which I'd love to hear :p

And your predicted parents punishment makes the suspention look like nothing! Hopefully it won't end up like that though, if it does, that's pretty harsh!

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naughty girl! :-O

sorry about the grounding, punishments, and taking-away of stuff...
but can you tell us what exactly you did? with the fire extinguisher?
with all the consequences... was it worth it?

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It's okay, I got suspended

It's okay, I got suspended for 2 weeks, and my usually psycho parents just took it as a sign that we had to start family it was just a punishment for them. But all that crap will pass, and believe me you will remember the fun it took to get the suspension more then the punishment.

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