*swoons* and some other stuff:( :)

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Ah, a journal entry shall serve as a good distraction right now from the fact that I should be at least studying or sleeping in preperation for an exam tomorrow.But alas I feel like doing neither.So here I am!
Well life doesn't seem as shitty as it did in my last journal entry(thanks guys and gals for the good advice).Life is still a bit sucky,but hey I'll live.Plenty of people have worse stuff to deal with than me,and they do just fine!
Well I've decided i'm probably still going to go ahead with coming out to my sister,though i'm not sure when.Hopefully I will get an opportunity soon...I'll see how things are.
Hmm what else can I talk about?Oh a band I really like played at college and the hot singer smiled at me *swoons*.She really did,I would have thought I was imagining it,but my friend saw it too,she was like OMG she totally smiled at you!So yeah,now I sound like a big dork but if you seen this girl you would understand my excitement :).
Oh my friend that I came out to has offered to hit some gay bars with me anytime I want,which is cool.But I'm like totally too shy to just go...even though I really want to!Damn my awkwardness.Maybe I'll pluck up the courage soon!
Dammit I have to go out for a friends birthday next week also.I love my friend but I don't want to go really.It will be one of those awkward nights where everyone is a couple!Though I think my friend Jay is coming too and he is a singleton also so I guess I can hang out with him for the night,thats usually what happens,which is cool coz he is cool.Hmm I forget why I started moaning there.
I can't seem to think of anything else to write now,damit i'll have to study...though it is late so sleeping seems more appropriate.G'night.


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female singers in bands =

female singers in bands = hot :)

Gay bar eh? Ya, it'll be awkward the first time, but after the first time, it's bound to be better the second/third/etc.

"What they don't know can't hurt them

but it sure as hell can hurt me"