Take That, Mom!!!

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I realize I’ve got two entries in a row, and I apologize, and my previous entry desperately needs comments because I’m still really confused about the whole thing, but…………. Okay, so I was wearing my “I can’t even think straight” button today, and my mom loooks at it, and says, “Is that okay to wear at school?” I answered that yeah, and I kind of prefer people knowing at this point. She said, “You’re only 14. How do you know?” And my response was, “Did you know that you were straight at 14?” Hah, that shut her up.

But, of course, she just said I shouldn’t wear the pin around school even if I was sure….. because people would talk behind my back, or mistreat me, or something…… Feh. I’ll work on her later. Now I have to finish homework (as I listen to Dvorak like the geek that I am) and worry about my friends and clean my room for my frickin’ cleaning lady (-_-) and wake up at 7AM tomorrow to tech. Cheers. Go comment my last entry? Pwease?