Tell me if this doesn't make you mad!!!

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idk i was looking around trying to do some research for my article on teen homosexuality and i stumbled on this site that gave statistics...and some, well ALL of them made me irritated and a lil mad...try and read them and see if i'm just not reading right or people are just being ASSHOLES?

the site is;


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what the fuck

yeah i read the page. its full of stupid, untrue facts about LGBTQ people. while i felt slightly angered and disgusted, it was mainly laughable. i mean, anyone who would actually believe the stuff on this site would have to be extremely ignorant or just a straight-up tool. it said the author was some "catholic" organization... any catholic website attempting to "educate" about homosexuality is pretty obviously sketchy. one of the most fucked-up statements was where they claimed that lesbians/gays "recruit" little girls and boys... they try to pass off queer ppl as pedophiles and that is so ridiculous. this shit is like nazi propaganda and is a disgrace to the information age as we know it.

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It's sourced by some Catholic group.

Based on how much I distrust their sense of science and a lot of other things, I doubt their statistics are true. I do agree with them that I'm not getting laid enough.


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haha, yeah, definitely not

haha, yeah, definitely not getting laid enough...

depending on what kind of paper you're writing, you could still use the article with your research... point out the opposition that gay teens face, and how they can be confused by groups such as this claiming unfounded things. i'd also recommend finding a reputable source to dispute the statistics that they claim.

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This type of group seems to hide behind false statistics and accusations. Where is their mention of Catholic priests who molest children and are just reloacated instead of dealt with as sexual offenders? Are those acts not wrong in their eyes? They seem to have quite a preoccupation with pedophilia, why don't they address their own issues with it? All groups should address the issues inside their group before attacking others.

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This is very anoying but since its published by a catholic group I think anyone with at least one braincell will realise what a load of nonsense it is.

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Seen this

Seen this before. It's a classic for being bloody hilarious

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I registered with their

I registered with their system and then left a nice number of replys to some of the forums.
dont think theyll be too happy with that.
oh well.

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hahaha, you amuse me

hahaha, you amuse me 2cute

the one thing that annoys me is...THERE IS NO GAY AGENDGA ITS A GODDAMN GAY RIGHT MOVEMENT!!!!!!
sry had to get that out of my stystem, it my pet peeve.
hugs, luck, and peace

808 chik, btw i wrote a research paper on gay teens last spring, so feel free to pm me if you want someone to bounce ideas off of

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Oh no...

OK. I am Catholic, but I must confess to being absolutely fed up with this incredibly stupid condemnation of homosexuality, accusing them of pedophilia, etc. And exactly, I don't see them mentioning priests who hurt children.

However, some of the facts are so outrageous they are hilarious. I mean, "Sex with strangers in public restrooms"? Where are all these 'studies' coming from?

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I tried to read all of it

I tried to read all of it but then I realized I am alergic to bs.
damn damn straight bastards are catching up they know all about our gay agenda. haha I taught it was kinda funny their soo ignorant. They forgot to add the part where we are not really gay but we want to be gay (haha okay bad joke)
-much peace and lurf,

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it was such bullshit, i

it was such bullshit, i laughed.

I like how in the section where they talk about income, they dont list blacks under "general population" real nice


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