THANKs whoever has answered the questions and those who will....

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i really appreciate you all (there are a lot of you to name lol) for helping me by answering my questions...& if anyone who hasn't, i thank you anyways for reading my post :)

i feel like, at some level, i've been able to get to know you all a lil better and that i can use this info in my article. i'll post it on here when i'm done and maybe hopefully i can get my pics on here too for you all to see.

this isn't going to be a long post lol. i just wanted to say thanks to everyone and if anyone want to give any suggestions...i'm open to anything (even thought my deadline is soon lol) but yeah thanks again :)


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what questions???

Did I answer them yett? I may have, but I almost never log on anymore, so yeah.

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