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this may seem stupid but i have to find it.....ok a couple of weeks ago i saw a movie the illusionist....and in the previes before the movie came on there was a preview of a gay movie i think.....ok this is wat i catched when watchin it..........this girl 1 guy bestfriend meets a girl 2 and throught they guy and the girl dating.....the girl 1 is tryin to find out wat she doesnt like bout him goin out with girl 2, then they guy and girl 2 get engaged, and girl 1 being a good friend hangs out with girl 2, then when they go bak to the hotel..drunk..girl 1 kisses girl 2.....then it goes on to this whole thing where girl 1 tries to find out if she gays......plz if anyone knows the movie im describing plz tell me...becuz i want to find it


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Could it possibly be called "Gray Matter"? I remember vaguely a preview with that title and the plot you are describing. Good luck with finding it, if that is not what you are looking for.

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This is a DVD or a new movie?

There's a new movie just opened called Puccini for Beginners, that has a lesbian-themed triangle in it, but not sure of the details. From the same director as the fabulous adventures of two girls in love.


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