the no good very bad day :(

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so today probably makes the top ten shittiest days ever for me...

oh man... so long story short the college i am going to requires me to take 4 years of HS math... the only math left to me this year was ap calculus... i knew i wasn't going to do so hot but took it anyways thinking i could live with a C... well, i ended up failing with a 64% so i called the college, they said i could take a no credit and keep my academic scholarship... well, the school and my teacher agreed to it... done and finished right? the school said that if i got the F on my transcript they would be pulling my $4000 a year scholarship.. w/o that there is no way in hell i am going to my college...

well, i get my report card today and it had a big fat F... i went down to the counseling center... not so lovely lady there told me that i couldn't get a no credit because i hadn't dropped the class soon enough.. whatever... left a little angry and as i'm heading to talk to my counselor the vice principal pulls me aside... now weird deal but the vice principal is she is sleeping with an older (24 year old) very good friend of mine that i used to really have a thing for... so here i am in tears explaining my situation to a woman that is fucking one of my best friends (kinda awkward... esp. when she tries to act like she has no idea who i am... neither one of them know that i know about them....) but she basically is no help... telling me to "suck it up"... i'm sorry but man lesbians can be the least compassionate people i have ever met...

so, in the end my counselor talks to my teacher who refuses to change the god damn grade stating that i never finished my semester review packet so i need to do that before she will even consider changing my grade to a no credit... bitch! i didn't do the damn packet because i had already been told i could drop the class... why the hell would i do the work if i don't get credit for it... so my actual principal gets involved on my side of things and now we have a meeting on tuesday.. wonderful! she better change this damn grade... you don't want to mess with an angry lesbian :) i guess i will just have to go in and be as nice as possible... ugh

in other stupid news, my good friend who was really interested in me for awhile comes to me today talking about how mad her mom is at her... another long story short, her stepdad is a big important guy in DC with the CIA.... he told her this big bullshit story about how he was searching myspace for "online predators" and came across my page on a bisexual board... okay, HOLD UP!! first off, i am not bisexual by any means and second, how the hell did he know it was me? oh, and third, me an online predator? i'm almost eighteen and never been kissed... yeah, def not a predator... basically, he just looked me up on myspace to find out about me... my friend told them about my "disease"... they flip out and go and find me on myspace.... but then make up this bullshit story to cover up their dirty work... anyways, they make her delete her myspace so people don't "associate her with me" and then her mom and dad who live in SC call up here to WA, tell her dad all about this and how "i think i'm a lesbian"... for crying out loud, i know i'm an fing lesbian... there is no think involved... gosh, anyways, her mom has this personal vendetta against me... she wants to quote "make sure her daughter is safe from this kind of sickness"

oh my god... spare me....


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"this kind of sickness"!?!??!?

that is nuts

I am really sorry you have to deal with all of that.

"safe?", like maybe her daughter might catch gay?

what will they think of next?

and they did all of this with myspace....
that's really sad

Don't waste your time worrying about this nonsense.
Somone on Oasis just said "homophobia is SO gay"

cheer up
has to get better from here

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Wow you really had a bad

Wow you really had a bad day. I think it's a must that all math teachers are asses/suck at their jobs. Good luck with the meeting, hope you feel better.

so very close to what you had expected
it makes it hard to keep my head up level
tell me I'm what your hands were made for
tell me I'm who your mouth was made for

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I'm sorry that sounds

I'm sorry that sounds awlful....awlful probably doesn't come near to describing it! Someone should let your friend's parents know that the is no gay virus...but it is probably good for the situtation that they think you're questiong....that way "there's hope for you" sheeeeesh

If they agreed to let you have a no credit, don't they have to keep their word? You should post the problems for your packet on Oasis and let us help (I'm not joking...I'm sure I'm not the only one that likes math). Good luck with the meeting and your friend!

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wow Jordin, that sucks...

First getting the news from the school and then finding out your friends dad knows about you and all that kinda shit...well, as they say, you're not as safe as you think online..I guess. that sucks though. as for the class, maybe you can do a credit retrieval thing during the summer? that really, really sucks. I'm sorry that all that shit is going on. if you want to talk about it more, shoot me a message on myspace. later.

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