The Truth About Winter

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[I feel like crap. Again. My school has a four day weekend this week, and I was expecting to be having a grand ol' time with my friends for lots of it. 3 days in a row I've been stuck at home. With my family. Ack. I'm sick of my family, I'm sick of winter, and I'm sick of feeling like a poop quesadilla. God.]

November has evicted
Us once again;
A winter transmission
Seizes everywhere the birth,
And places tombstones
(Frosted architecture
A slavery all its own)
Before the eggs
Can reach the nest.
Naked snowflakes
Hail the shivered silence,
Like ragged dandelions
Swooping from a
Bleeding heaven.
Carnaged Camelot
On the ice,
Did every knight know
The cold will of Sir Winter?