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Except.. There IS a title... Because, what else would it be?

Hehe... I'm in a good mood right now. :)

If I were like, talking to you in person, I'd be dancing around the room, the way I always do when I'm in a good mood. Probably not very graceful. But dancing nonetheless.

Sora slept over again last night, she took her sister (Who we call Kairi.) with her. (She's like, wicked quiet and she just sits and plays video games all day. XD But she's nice.)

So, Sora called me, and told me to go online. So I like, did. Even though I was in the middle of watching Doctor who. XD My dad sort of embarrased me. He asked me if I was coming back or not so I told him "no" and he said that it must be Sora. X3 I should chew him out for that. (Yeah, I lecture him on those sorts of things. I don't think he listens though.)

So, I get on IM, and we talk for about an hour and then she asks me if she can sleep over, so I tell her that I was going to ask anyways. And then she asks if her sister can come, so I'm like I tell her it's okay because It'd be weird if I didn't... And I'm friends with her sister and mostly because I don't want to be asked "why not?" (I hate being asked that.) Makes me feel giulty too. *rolls eyes at self*

But anyways, Kairi hung out in the living room playing with the Wii. And Sora was playing KH2 in my bedroom. And every time I tried to leave she'd like, whine "Don't leave me Rikuuuuu." (So cute. X3) Because I wanted to spend some time with Kairi too since she still counts as a guest in my house since it's her first time sleeping over and all.

Yeah, Sora dosen't count as a guest anymore.. She's slept over here practically every weekend since school started, and in the summer we were always at eachothers houses. She almost lives here now. (I'm pretty sure she will during Febuary vacation. XD)

But, what's important is, that weird tension thing that was between us is dissapearing. =D We were like, afraid to touch each other for a while. Not exactly sure why. (Is that what people normally do when they find out that the object of their affections returns their feelings? Didn't think so...) But it's weird because, this whole time it's like... I dunno. *laughs* We have this sort of telepathy thing... But neither of us really acts on it... *laughs* Apparently she's just as shy as I am. XD

Valentines day is coming up... And I haven't gotten my allowance for months... I need a trip to the craftstore, and it can't be too directly before valentines day because it'll be obvious to my dad.. Actually, it's probably obvious anyways but I want to appear to be making an effort to hide it from him at the very least. XD

I don't know what I should get for her. I want to get her something cute and shows her how I feel without like telling the world. Which is hard because she has so many sisters.

Because there's this sort of uncertainty between us. Like I'm still dobuting that she likes me back, and she has dobuts too. Even though I KNOW that she does like me (it's still a little obvious... At least if you're me.) it's like... Well, my brain is stupid okay? So I want to make that annoying uncertainty go away. And what better exucse to use than Valentines day?

I don't have any ideas so far but I don't want any suggestions. I'm sure I'll think of something if I spend long enough in an arts and crafts store... Stairing at the walls...

I wonder if the walls mind being stared at...

Anyways, I'm hungry.. So I'm off! Later!



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<3 That made me smile. I

That made me smile.

I know there's "black sheep," but what about rainbow ones?

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That's cute that you call

That's cute that you call eachother by the KH character names.

Does your dad know you and Sora are into eachother? Does he know he's into girls?

~May the spirits guide your every assure you please her in all the right places XD

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My dad knows I like girls.

My dad knows I like girls. And one night I told him that I like Sora. (Back in October.) And then he told me that if I didn't just tell her how I feel that he would for me. (Scary guy ne?) XD But I haven't said much about it to him since then. But he's sort of good at reading people. (Probably where I get it from.) So I just pretend that he knows nothing and if I'm lucky he'll pretend that he knows nothing too.

The whole KH name thing started a while ago. Sora started hugging my foot or something and called it "Riku" And she told me that she was Sora. XD One of her sisters was in the room, so we start calling her Roxas, (not without debating over who should be who first.) and then everyone else sort of got nicknames from there... XD

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Good luck with Valentine's Day!

Also, I'm glad the weird tension-thing went away. With my first mutual crush, it was touchy-feely from the start, which I think played a big role in why it ended badly.

It sounds like you have a really great relationship with your dad. That's so cool, I do too, and I feel like a lot of other people are missing out.

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